Designing great user experiences

Throughout my career, I've been lucky to have been involved with some great brands and companies. Simply put, I live digital. I've been in UX for the last 12 years, and have been in the digital design space since 1997. Through a combination of talent and luck, I managed to get into interaction design right around the time that the internet started using graphics. With a background in art and psychology, it seemed to reason that UX is the place for me. Whether it's pharma, commercial or B2B, I've managed to come up with innovative UX solutions throughout the entirety of my career. Simply put, I love this stuff.

my expertise

  • - UX Direction
  • - User Research / Testing
  • - Wireframing
  • - Information Architecture
  • - Prototyping
  • - UX Strategy

Some of the things I've worked on